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Bear Clan Storm, c. 1920's

by Unknown

This rug measures 51" x 75", hand-spun yarn, hand-dyed red, all other color are natural, c. 1920's, artist unknown.

Not all the early Toadlena/Two Grey Hills weavers read the book telling them not to use dyed yarn! Although it is rare, reds do show up in early Two Grey Hills rugs. One of Mary Yanabah Curley's masterpieces with red appears on p.327, Plate 118 of "The Master Weaver."

The rug has a "star center storm" layout with familiar Bear Clan designs. These include the waterbugs stacked on each other, center top and bottom, the spools with pointed tips appearing near the middle of the terraces to the four corners, the black and white Vallero stars appearing above and below the center Vallero star and the Spider Woman Cross variant in the center of the rug. This rug is more in the style of Mrs. Policeboy than her daughter, Mary Yanabah Curley.

This is an "A/B" rug with one side bearing some sun fade.

Item Name: Bear Clan Storm, c. Bear Clan Storm, c. 1920's Price: $4500.00