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N-6454 Master Weaver Evelyn George

by Master Weaver Evelyn George

Here is the latest weaving from Master Weaver Evelyn George. It measures 33" x 44", hand-spun, natural yarn, dyed black, all other colors are natural.

Evelyn has the distinction of being the Mother and Grandmother of three generations of Master Weaver, daughters Emily Watchman and Dorothy Lowe and granddaughter Stacy Watchman. Evelyn also has a spectacular herd of sheep. The wonderful gold wool you saw showing up in Toadlena rugs shortly after 2000 was raised by Evelyn and her family. A wide range of browns and grays also come from her flock.

This rug features Evelyn's wonderful gold, blue/gray, tan and brown wool. She finished it about 2 months ago. How many of us will be able to create something this beautiful at 89 years young!

Item Name: N-6454 Master Weaver N-6454 Master Weaver Evelyn George SOLD
Item Name: 2501500064N6454MWEG2 N-6454 Master Weaver Evelyn George