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Master Weaver Ruby Manuelito, Sandpainting

by Master Weaver Ruby Manuelito

This piece measures 26" x 30", hand-spun yarn, 6 colors, natural white and brown, all other colors are hand-dyed aniline, c. 1980's, excellent condition.

Master Weaver Ruby Manuelito was the daughter of Master Weaver Frances Manuelito and the granddaughter of Master Weaver Blind Man's Wife. Blind Man's Wife was a true pioneer in the evolving designs of early, regional Navajo rugs. Thus, were Ruby's feet placed on her own artistic journey by these earliest influences. Ruby married Ira Manuelito and became the daughter-in-law of Gladys Manuelito, "Mrs. Sam", the niece of Hastiin Klah. Klah was the first Navajo Medicine Man to render a Sandpainting image in a permanent form, woven wool. She learned the Sandpainting images forms from Gladys as Gladys learned them from Klah, putting her very near the epicenter of Sandpainting weaving.

This piece bears images of the Navajo Holy People from the same Nightway Chant image woven by Ruby that appears on p. 228, Plate 71 of "The Master Weavers" by Mark Winter. It has 68-74 wefts per inch and 14 warps per inch.

Ruby's finely woven sandpainting are difficult to find and highly prized. We hope you enjoy this treasured piece of Navajo mythology as much as we do!

Item Name: RGFIG065 Master Weaver Ruby Manuelito, Sandpainting Price: $7800