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c. 1940's Double Diamond

by Toadlena/Two Grey Hills rug

Toadlena/Two Grey Hills rug, c. 1940's, very good condition

Attribution of this rug is ambiguous but it can be said that it was woven by a woman who had primary influence on two great Master Weavers, Ramona Curley and Elizabeth Billie.

Their mother, Mrs. Joe Brown, was rumored to be a very good Navajo weaver but she did not live long. The girls were raised by their grandmother, Nakai John's sister, and she was considered a very good weaver also. The artistic similarity of this rug is strong compared to other documented pieces by Ramona and Elizabeth. So whichever woman wove it, she clearly played an imprinting role with the young weavers. Since their birth mother did not live long it is logical to assume the lady with whom they spent more time is the weaver but we will probably never know. Regardless, this is spectacular piece of woven Navajo art.

Item Name: RGTTP107 RGTTP107 c. 1940's Double Diamond Size: 49" x 69" Call for Pricing