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Master Weaver Julia Jumbo

by Master Weaver Julia Jumbo

This tapestry measures 35" x 56", handspun yarn, overdyed black, all other colors are natural, c. 1980's, excellent condition.

Master Weaver Julia Jumbo wove this 120 weft per inch masterpiece. It is the largest tapestry we have seen that Julia wove. The uncluttered simplicity gives the piece artistic strength and the fineness of 120 WPI on this scale create a gravitas when seen in person. The hand-carded colors are quite luscious! Her weaving heyday was the same time that the finest Navajo weavings began to jump off of the floor and on to the wall.

Julia was one of the Grandma's we had the honor and pleasure of spending many years with.

A photo of the tapestry is shown horizontally because the long single-diamond lends itself to that orientation.

Arizona Highways, July 1974 states: "Daisy Taugelchee is the 'Grand Dame' of two Grey hills weavers. As pacesetter of the tapestry medium Daisy's looms have produced more top award winners than any other weaver. The attrition of age and cataracts may cause an involuntary abdication of the Two Grey Hills longest lived queen. The area is especially noted for the number of superior weavers, with Julia Jumbo currently the setting the pace."

Item Name: Julia Jumbo Master Weaver Julia Jumbo SOLD