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Master Weaver Marie Police Klah

by Master Weaver Marie Police Klah

This rug measures 56” x 87”, woven from natural handspun yarn, c. 1940’s, it appears in “The Master Weavers” on p. 338, Figure 378, excellent condition.

It was woven by Master Weaver Marie Police Klah of the Bear Clan. Marie was one of the handful of weavers who advanced artistic achievement in the early Regional rug period by creating variations on the J. B. Moore templates.

Her family boasted many Master Weavers: her mother, Mrs. Policeboy, her sisters, Mary Yanabah Curly and Policegirl. The following generation of her children and nieces also produced 8 Master Weavers.

This rug contains design elements distinctive to her family including the figural quality of the pairs of triangles, top and bottom. The tridents and water bugs are derivative of J.B. Moore's catalogs. The elongated single-diamond was later used by Legendary Master Weaver Daisy Taugelchee to great effect. Daisy was also raised and learned to weave in the Bear Clan household.

Item Name: Marie Police Klah Master Weaver Marie Police Klah SOLD