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c. 1920 Bear Clan Storm rug

by Unknown

This rug measures 47" x 62", all hand-spun, natural wool, very good condition, sun fading on one side, c. 1920, artist unknown.

There are several pieces in "The Master Weavers" section of Unknown Master Weavers, p. 535, that have a "pineapple" design, like this rug. Mark Winter, the author, is coming to the conclusion that these rugs come from the prolific Bear Clan weavers. The storm patterns and looping terraces are certainly designs used by them.

This rug has an extraordinarily creative element. In the center, top and bottom, there is a figure that on the bottom has a large triangular head, a stick-like torso with long extended arms. Now, look at the upper part of the rug and you see this element inverted displays as a triangular mouth, eyes or eyebrows with a pendant in the forehead. Pretty clever!

Legendary Master Weaver Bessie Manygoats takes this element and weaves her version of it. See p. 123 of "The Master Weavers."

A photo of the rather faded side appears here.

Item Name: 5000U831920BCS1 c. 1920 Bear Clan Storm rug Size: 47" x 62" SOLD